What Your Watch Says About You! Do watches reflect a person?

What Your Watch Says About You!

What Your Watch Says About You!

Watch Style

Whether you are meeting friends at the golf course for a quick 9 or you are showing up to a really important business meeting that may mean a change in career or a lot of growth for the company you currently work for, you need to know that every part of your wardrobe says something… including your wristwatch.

It’s important that your watch match the occasion the rest of your wardrobe, but also your own personal style. It’s not uncommon for a person to have several watches to be able to tailor their wrist apparel for the event. Let’s look at what some of these brands or styles will “say” to others.

Does this watch make me look cheap?

If you are showing up to a business meeting wearing a Casio or Timex watch brand may say that you wear these because you are a very utilitarian person.  But do you also wear the same one to business meetings as to mud runs, then you may look cheap. This is because it may not match the rest of your apparel or the circumstances around the meeting (unless the meeting is about mud runs).

My suggestion is to have a watch to wear while working out and being outdoors for events (like a cheaper Casio or Timex that you don’t care if it gets dirty or wet).  Then wear a nicer one that reflects your personality and taste for more important events. What kind of watch should that be? Let’s look as some.

Does this watch make me look too flashy?

If your watch weighs so much that you can’t lift your arm, then most likely yes. However, there are several well-respected brands of watches that each have many options that aren’t gaudy but are tasteful and classy.

You may recognize the first one I will mention: Rolex. This is a legendary Swiss watchmaker and they have been at it since 1905. If you are a confident businessperson and would like to show that to your clients or colleagues without saying much other than through your apparel?  Then a Patek Philippe may be right for you. And no, it won’t be flashy.

There are other watchmakers out there that you may consider depending on your price point for a new watch and also your style. Be sure to do some shopping around. Get one that truly matches your personality and will fit in several situations for you.

Some of these other brands include Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre, or Hublot. You can get everything from a simple luxury watch to a chronometer.  The chronometers performs at a much more accurate rate given outside forces like humidity and movement. There are even some instances where a pocket watch may be the right tool for the job.

Do watches reflect a person?

Do watches reflect a person?

Is there a watch that is affordable but also looks luxury?

Yes! With some shopping around you can find brands like TAG Heuer.  These are priced mid-range and that also give anywhere from a luxury to sporty appearance depending on which style you choose. If you choose something that looks sporty, also check if it also has other features like a stopwatch and timer.

Be sure to do your research on the company before spending a lot of money on a watch. Especially if you’ve never heard of the company before. Ask a lot of questions about warranties and customization as well.  These may be considerations to make while you are at the store before you decide to purchase.

Is it worth buying a knock-off watch just to look like I bought an original?

No, it’s never worth buying a knock-off. People who do have the real thing, or who have done their research prior to buying the watch they have now, will be able to spot that fake.  This will make you look even worse than if you walked in there wearing a Casio or Timex. So if you are going to look the part, be sure all the parts are real. Be sure to buy from authorized dealers, especially if you are going to buy a used watch.

These more expensive watches, especially Rolex’s, hold their value extremely well, but you want to make sure it has been seen by an authorized Rolex repair person and that it passes all tests before you purchase.It’s important that your wrist watch match the event that you’re attending, but also your own personality. Don’t break the bank, but be sure that it is tasteful, classy, and elegant for those situations in which it needs to be.

Final Thoughts / Advice

The most important advice I can give when purchasing a timepiece is to do your research even if it takes a while. You want to make sure you are getting the real deal, and a great deal, at the same time. It’s okay to have an everyday watch that you wear just to the office when nothing is going on, or even while you’re mowing the grass, but it’s important that any man or woman knows how to shop for, and that they have available, the right watch for the right occasion.