Top Watch Brands Rankings – A Complete Buyers Guide

Top Watch Brands

I personally can't stand being late and think a watch is well worth the purchase price if it can help me get to my appointment on time. Not all watches are made the same though and it can be difficult to figure out how the watch brand ranking works. Let's review the top watch brands and the watches they sell to make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

These watches for men are the brands ranked top 10 consistently by people who own them. There are different types of watches and they come in a variety of price ranges, so this list of top 10 watch brands should have something for everyone. From the super expensive down to below 200 dollars let review which watches are the best.

Different Types of Watches

Not all watches are equal and there are many different types of watches that have different features and abilities. It is important to understand the different types of watches before you select a watch, so you are better situated to make an informed decision. Let's look at the different types of watches and what their strengths are.

Swiss Watches


The Swiss have a long history of watch making and are known for the high quality time pieces their workshops produce. As with other professions the best made product does usually come with a higher price tag, but sometimes it is better to spend more money upfront to have a better product that will last longer.

Buying a Swiss made watch will give you the peace of mind that your watch is made with an attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that have allowed Swiss made watches to stand in a class of their own.

Garmin Running Watches

These are designed to go way beyond just telling time. They are the modern "connect" watches that will talk with your smart phone and provide an array of information about your habits. It will tell you when you have sat too long, what the par the hole your on at the golf course, and even how long to rest before your next run.

Like other watches they start at a basic level that just tells you how many steps you take each day and how many calories you spent. The expensive ones require other devices, but will measure your heart, track with more than just GPS, and are designed for a serious sports professional.

Wooden Watches

Sometimes more technology isn't what you desire. Wooden watches have an old world feel to them, even if they are a newer style of watch. Made from wood they allow the wearer to connect with nature in a green way, but still allow you to make it to your appointment on time. Like other watches they come in very basic or a more expensive style with every price in between. On a whole they are not as durable as stainless steel watches, but they are a unique style that is sure to generate a buzz when worn.

Automatic Watches

Other watches have batteries that have to be replaced on occasion or need hand wound regularly. Automatic watches use the movement of the wearer to power up. The benefit of not having to buy batteries does have a tradeoff though and these watches need you to wear them regularly. If you only want to wear your watch on special occasions then these watches can still be for you, but you will have to wind them and set the time if it has sat for a long time. They require a higher level of engineering to build, so they tend to be a higher quality watch too.

Under 200 Dollars

Like the name implies these watches come in for less than 200 dollars, but they still tell time and are of high quality. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on top watch brands and sometimes we need something nice that still fits within our budget.

These watches won't break your bank and the companies that make them still make a great product. Although you might not hand one of these watches down through the generation as a heirloom, they can impress people none the less if you choose the right watch.

Top 10 Best Watches

All of the watches on this list are top watch brands for a variety of reasons. Price, durability, and design factor into the decision to call them the top 10 watch brands. Every one of these brands have a history of making great products and are rated high by consumers who own one. So let's look at the best watches for men and the brands in the top 10 and see what separates these watches from other lesser watches.

1.TAG Heuer Men's Automatic Chronograph

TAG Heuer Men's Link Automatic Chronograph Day-Date Watch

This watch might not be an inexpensive watch, but it isn't ranked number one on the top watches for no reason. Tag Heuer makes an exceptional product and this could be their best watch ever.

Not only does this watch look amazing, but it is super durable. It is water resistant suitable for scuba diving, has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, a screw down case back, and is made with stainless steel. Also, this one is made to last and since it is an automatic watch it winds with the movement of your arm. This watch has tons of features and looks top notch too.

2.Stuhrling Men's Automatic Skeleton Watch with Transparent Dial

Stuhrling Men's 747.011 Automatic Skeleton Watch with Transparent Dial Stainless Steel Case On Brown Leather Strap

Although it isn't the toughest watch on the market, this Stuhrling looks phenomenal and is still durable. Not only can you see the mechanical movement inside the watch right on the watch face, but if you flip the watch over you can see the inner workings through the back plate.

Both windows are made from a shatter resistant Krysterna crystal and the watch is water resistant too. This elegant watch doesn't cost an arm and a leg either, so while other watches might be out of reach this one isn't. No wonder it is second on the list of top watch brands.

3.Garmin Fenix 3 Multisport

Garmin fenix 3, Gray bundle with Heart Rate Monitor

If you are into sports and want a training watch, then this is the best money can buy. It goes beyond GPS with an omni-directional steel EXO antenna. It has full wireless connectivity and can pair with multiple other training devices.

And this one helps improve sports performance and lets you know how long a recovery period you need after an activity. This watch is extremely functional, but it can still tell time and it looks good. With all these features it's obvious why this is on the watches for men brands top 10.

4.Seiko Men's Quartz Two Tone Stainless Steel Hardlex Dial Watch

Seiko Men's SNQ124 Quartz Two Tone Stainless Steel Hardlex Dial Watch

Costing under 200 dollars, this watch keeps accurate time and looks spectacular. Seiko has a proven track record of quality and precise watch making and definitely deserves to be called one of the top watches.

This watch is durable with a stainless steel screw-down case back, stainless steel case, Hardlex crystal face and is water resistant up to 100 meters. The best part is the elegant look that Seiko delivers with this watch, which makes it a great value.

5.Rolex Oyster Perpetual Seadweller Deepsea

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Seadweller Deepsea

This watch is water resistant to a depth of 12,800 feet and it looks great. It might cost more than other watches, but Rolex uses high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to make this watch.

The stainless steel case and scratch resistant sapphire crystal face will hold up to the rigors of day to day wear for years. You will definitely hand this down through the generations as a heirloom.

6.Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch - Midnight Teal

Some watches are specialized for a specific activities.  This particular one is designed to help with you golf game. If you also get a Garmin TruSwing golf swing sensor it will tell you how to improve your swing. It measures your shot distances, and you can analyze it afterwards.

Not only will it help you with your golf game, but it also lets you know when you are still too long, counts your steps taken, calories burned and also monitors hours of sleep.

7. Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Men's Watch - Tri-Fold Clasp - Stainless Steel Buckle

Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Men's Watch - Tri-Fold Clasp - Stainless Steel Buckle

Here is a wooden men's watch that has a low price tag, but is still very elegant. It is made from real zebrawood and ebony and has no chemicals. It has a Miyota quartz movement that was developed in Japan.

The adjustable band looks great and it has wooden links you can take out. Though it is not as pricey as other wooden watches on the market, it has great value and will make heads turn.

8.Omega Men's Seamaster 300M Chrono Diver Watch

Omega Men's Seamaster 300M Chrono Diver Watch

Omega makes a wonderful watch. It is also the only wristwatch that has NASA's seal of approval. This is a great Swiss brand and this model has great features.

From a stainless steel casing to an anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face that is great for scuba diving. It also has no battery because it powers automatically with the movement while wearing it.

9. Tense Sandalwood Maple Two Tone Rectangular Men’s Watch

G-Shock GA110-1B Military Series Watch Black

If you are looking for the a great military watch, then here is a great one. The G-Shock GA110-1B Military series watch is water resistance of up to 200M as well as shock and magnetic resistant. This is one of the best military watches and you simply must try for yourself.

10.Henry Jay Mens Self Winding Mechanical Automatic "Limited Edition" 23K Gold Plated Two Tone Stainless Steel "Specialty Aquamaster" Professional Dive Watch

Henry Jay Mens Two Tone Stainless Steel Specialty Aquamaster Professional Dive Watch

A name as long as this watch has it had to be on the list of best automatic watches! It isn't the name that landed it here though, but the exceptional quality and durability. Although it has 23K gold-plating, it is still made with stainless steel to make it stylish and strong.

Not only does it look ready for a high class dinner party, it is also water resistant up to 330 feet (100 meters). This watch is a true work of art that is designed to be worn regularly even if you are hard on your watch.

What a Great Watch Should Have

Watches come in many different shapes and styles, but all great watches have some things in common. Who better to ask what makes a great watch than an actual watch maker. Watch the video below and hear his suggestions for selecting a great watch.

With so many different types of watches with different features it can be hard to know what to look for. Make sure the watch can do all of the following and that you will love to wear it. Otherwise it could just collect dust in a drawer and you could have buyers regret. This is what I look for in a great watch.

Accurate Time

The whole reason to get a watch is so that when you need to know the time, you can look down at your wrist and know exactly what time it is. Sounds simple, but not all time pieces keep the same time.

There are two main ways a watch keeps time mechanical and quartz movement. Quartz movement requires a battery and very little maintenance, so you usually will find it in less expensive watches. Mechanical requires winding, unless it is an automatic watch, and the movement comes from little gears inside the watch. Mechanical watches take more engineering ingenuity and higher end watches tend to use mechanical movement.

The seconds hand will let you know the difference as mechanical movement will make the seconds hand smoothly move and quartz movement will 'tick' every second and the hand will move the full second in one movement.


Components used to build the watch and the level of craftsmanship will determine how durable the watch is. Not all watches are built the same and it shows over time. Like when you accidently drop the watch or forget your wearing it and jump into a pool. A good watch face should be made of sapphire since it is extremely durable.

I recommend a water resistant watch rated for at least a 100 meters.  Unless you are planning to scuba dive and then you will not need a better rating. Stainless steel is stronger than other metals.  Therefore, it will last longer if the watch is designed with a stainless steel case and a sapphire face.

Features You Will Use

There are tons of different features and any of them can come in handy, but ask yourself will I actually use that feature. If you have never looked at the moon, then you probably won't need a moon phase on your watch. If you like rock climbing, then a golf watch probably isn't a good fit and if you plan to go scuba diving then make sure you get the right watch. This is more of a personal preference.  So it is really up to you, but make sure the features on the watch you want.


Watch Style

When you don't like the way it looks, then you probably won't wear it. Make sure you like the way the watch looks and that the watch case is an appropriate size. If you get a watch that is way too big it will feel uncomfortable to wear and will look silly.

So make sure that the watch looks like something you would wear and has a style that fits you before purchasing it.


I don't want to put a second mortgage on the house in order to buy a wrist watch and I would recommend against you buying more watch than you can afford. If you over spend on the watch it will irritate you every time you wear it or look to see what time it is. On the other hand if you buy a cheap watch when you could have afforded a more expensive one, then you will also be disappointed. Make sure you set a budget and then start looking at watches in that budget with the features you like.


Not all watches are built the same and people want their watch to do different things. It helps to know before you buy what you want the watch to do and to listen to what people who have one think about it. Make sure you will get the most out of your watch and that it will last you years to come.