Reviews of the Top 10 Most Popular Watch Brands

Most Popular Watch Brand

Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel

Watches are the most understated indications of wealth. If you’re meeting women, ladies notice nice, expensive watches, and that can only help your chances. Or maybe you’re meeting up with some old high school buddies who you haven’t seen in a while. A nice timepiece shows that you are doing well for yourself.

They easy to bring attention to, but can also be very understated, depending on how you use them. The ones I’m talking about aren’t really for telling time. These watches are for looking good and impressing people. Here are some of the most popular watch brands.

Most Popular Watch Brands Comparison Table



Case Material

Band Material



Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel

Fold over clasp

Stainless Steel


Panerai Men's PAM00560 Luminor Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

leather calfskin


Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Black Carbon Fiber Dial

Fixed Black Ceramic

Black Lined Rubber


Not Rated

Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel


Not Rated

TAG Heuer Men's CV2A1R.BA0799 Stainless Steel Watch

Stainless steel

Stainless steelValue


Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel

The first brand is a classic. Rolex has been a symbol for wealth for the longest time. A Rolex watch tells people without a doubt that you know what you like in life, and that what you like are the expensive things. Even their replacement parts on Amazon cost over $200.

They have some that are obviously expensive and flashy, like some of their entirely gold watches and some that an average person may not recognize as expensive. They offer a variety of metallic colors and styles, with something to suit nearly everyone, and everyone will be impressed by yours.

Panerai Men's PAM00560 Luminor Stainless Steel

Panerai is another of the great chronograph brand. With their distinctive square case shape and leather bands, Panerai watches are some of my personal favorites. They have a classic and classy look. Their range of bands offers a variety of colors.

My personal favorite is a black band and face with silver hands, marks, and case. The contrast really draws the eye and announces to the world that you have a nice watch. If you don’t like that much attention a brown band or gold case might be a better choice.

Either way, Panerai watches are stylish and show you like the finer things in life.

Popular Watch Brands
Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Black Carbon Fiber Dial

Hublot is also a very popular and trendy watch. They are also distinct in how they are constructed. Their leather or rubber bands are screwed in to the case. The visible screws around the face and the larger size of the case give it a more industrial feel.

They also offer a range of styles that allow you to see inside the face, exposing the gears that make it work. These watches are great for engineers or people who enjoy the technical side of life.

Often silver and black, these watches really draw the eye, and with the unique design, it’s a conversation piece, which can only help you at a bar. These unique designs make it a statement piece for the ages.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel

The fourth stylish brand on this list is Omega. Omega is a brand for when you don’t know what you want. The company offers both metal and leather bands, detailed and minimal faces, and a wide variety of colors.

Omega isn’t afraid to put orange on a watch, but don’t worry—it’s usually as an accent to the other colors. They also offer a wider range of watches with blue faces. Many of the brands on this list tend to stick with black, brown, and metallics like silver and gold.

While you would still be able to find a blue watch in another timepiece line, Omega is the place to go when you want blue options. Omega’s wide variety of options means that there will be something you like.

Most Popular Watch Brands

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the last review, let’s check out the very honorable mentions:

Breitling – Gorgeous watches that originally designed for pilots. These are beautiful and sharp looking.

Patek Phillippe – A top end timepiece that are stunning. If you can afford one you must be doing something right.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Fine luxury Swiss with a timeless design. You won’t be disappointed with one of these.

International Watch Company (IWC) - A classic design that will fit most wrists. Some may want more flash.

Audemars Piguet – The Royal collections have a very unique hexagonal pattern that can be spotted from across the room.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Men's CV2A1R.BA0799 Stainless Steel Watch

Finally, we have TAG Heuer. Like Omega, this company offers a wide variety of watch styles and colors. They have leather, cloth-like, rubber, and metal bands, though they stick to black and brown leather. Their dual color metal bands almost won me, but I liked Panerai’s classic look better.

They also have a wide variety of dials, faces, and cases. While there isn’t a distinct look to TAG Heuer, they all scream luxury.

TAG Heuer is a little cheaper than the other most popular watch brands, but they still look incredibly nice, which wins them the final spot on this list of great timepieices.

Watches are fantastic, and I hope I’ve convinced you to take a little pride and look deeper into some top brands. They can be both functional and flashy, which makes them the ultimate accessory in my book. No one will question your confidence with a nice one on your wrist. Women will notice and so will your old friends, but either way, your watch will show confidence and savvy.

Whether it’s an understated TAG Heuer or a flashy and unique Hubolt, a good chronograph can show the world that you like the finer things in life, and that you know the value of nice things.