Find the Most Popular Women’s Watch Brands: A Complete Guide

Popular Women’s Watch Brands

Fossil Women's Quartz Stainless Steel Automatic Watch - Brown

When choosing a watch, women are much more specific about them than men are. Not always, but statistically they are more inclined to hesitate to select the first watch they see.

Women want the true value from their watch, and a lot of the time they find themselves asking "Will this match?" We look into the most popular watches for women in the watch industry, and find they cover almost every need in a watch...and then some.

What makes that specific watch a good fit for that specific woman? Here is a list of popular watch brands for women, and why they're selected over the lot of others.

Most Popular Women's Watch Brands Comparison Table


Fossil Women's Quartz Stainless Steel Automatic Watch - Brown

Fossil has been around since 1984, always innovating new styles and ideas. They have a vintage inspiration to their brand and they always keep sophistication in their style.

They have countless locations, including their brands inside department stores. Their unique and authentic brand has captured the essence of American design and contemporary technology.

They are ever-changing and they have a watch for even the pickiest person. This watch brand has a great warranty and the product lasts for years, even without proper upkeep.

Fossil is one of the popular women's watch brands when it comes to accessories, they provide everything you need through their products.


GUESS Women's Trend-Right Rose Gold-Tone Sporty Watch

Guess began making watches in 1983; they are made for a specific audience. That specific audience is younger consumers. They are into making the latest and greatest and cutting edge is their theme.

This is one of the most competitive and inventive brand in the business, and they strive to have the most cosmopolitan style of all. Guess keeps up with advanced technology as well as contemporary taste; they prefer an elegant style in their products.

Guess watches have a trendy casual style, but prefer the sophisticated chic. With the best of both worlds is why Guess is a very popular women's watch brand.


Casio Women's LX-S700H-1BVCF Solar Black Watch

Casio watches have a very relaxed style, and they come in many types of pieces. Since there are more than a couple types of watches, Casio seems to make them all. Analog, digital, smart, GPS, Solar watches... their brand is the most technologically savvy of all watch brands.

Being that they offer so many different types of watches, that makes them the most popular brand of women's watches. They instill all different types of gadgets into their wrist watches, they even have blue tooth in some of them. Casio brand is all based on intelligence; they thrive on the precision and exactitude of their devices.

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Timex Women's Easy Reader Silver-Tone Watch with Red Leather Band

Timex is the most reliable brand of watches; they have been making timepieces since 1854. Timex being the oldest watch brand around makes them one of the most popular watch brands for women.

These watches have a very laid back style to them, even though their company is 160 years old... innovation and quality has never been an issue for them. They claim to meet every need of the consumer, and have an Italian feel to their designs.

Their engineering and high quality ingenuity makes them one of the best watch brands in the business.


Drive From Citizen Eco-Drive Women's Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch, Color: Rose Gold-Toned

Citizen watches have been ticking since the 1970's. They have a purely elegant style to them, and they have a light weight feel to them.

The watchmaker wanted to create a piece that used electricity through light source. They wanted to be differentiated from the rest of the watch brands, and have a watch which never needs a battery. Citizen flourishes on the idea that they can always "make something better."

Being that innovative makes them one of the most popular watch brands for women.


Women seek full value for their watches, they want to know that it's going to last. And they want their watches to match, have hardly any upkeep, and fit their specific needs and tastes. Being that there are a lot of different watch brands out there, it is a tough decision to make but there are plenty of popular women's watch brands to pick from.

All women want a watch that tells their story just by looking at them. When they put on their attire for the day, they want to feel confident. Confidence not only comes from being comfortable with who you are, and the way you present yourself tells everyone what you hold significant and how you carry yourself. Which is why selecting a watch to wear, specifically picked for that woman... is so important. It's also convenient not to have to pull out a cell phone for the time, there's just something so authentic about looking at a watch for the time.